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At If/When/How, we support, organize, and defend for reproductive justice. Our staff members, Reproductive Justice Fellows, and chapter leaders can speak to a broad spectrum of issues including lawyering for reproductive justice, self-managed abortion, abortion and pregnancy criminalization, and youth abortion access.

We’re so glad you want to get involved with an If/When/How: Lawyering for Reproductive Justice law student network! Please fill out the following so we can keep you updated on all things campus organizing, advocacy engagements, professional development opportunities, and announcements.

If your law school is not listed, please exit this form and email Cheyanna Duran at [email protected]

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If/When/How strives to serve a diverse community. Answering these questions helps us improve our content and outreach. While these questions are optional, the information we obtain from this section allows us to evaluate if and how we are supporting and centering people of color at If/When/How, which is an essential tenet of the reproductive justice movement. If you feel comfortable doing so please answer any or all of the following questions.

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