A statement from If/When/How: Lawyering for Reproductive Justice

We condemn the rise in racist violence and vitriol against Asian communities — especially against Asian women and elders — and want to be clear: anti-Asian violence is a reproductive justice issue. Anti-Asian racism endangers Asian communities, robs Asian families of safety and security, and perpetuates cruel and oppressive stereotypes that have been exploited and exacerbated in this pandemic. As lawyers, law students, and activists for reproductive justice, our intersectional, anti-racist work requires us to educate ourselves and our communities about this country’s anti-Asian history and present, and amplify Asian voices in our movements — many of them foundational. We must work together and across communities to end the targeted deportations of Asian immigrants and refugees, condemn scapegoating attacks on Asian individuals and businesses and the stigmatization of sex work and sex workers, and fight reproductive oppressions such as sex-selective abortion bans rooted in racist stereotypes. We seek to grow a more just world where Asian American and Pacific Islander individuals are able to live in the fullness of their humanity, with joy, and with safety.

We encourage our If/When/How community to explore the resources listed below, and seek out opportunities to support these organizations and efforts. We will add to this list as we gather more information and resources.

Mutual aid and local efforts:

  • Oakland Chinatown Coalition – volunteer here

Learn about, support, and follow the lead of AAPI reproductive justice organizations:

AAPI services and advocacy organizations