By Melissa Torres-Montoya, J.D., M.P.H., If/When/How Lawyer Engagement Manager

Today, I’m thrilled to formally introduce If/When/How’s RJ Lawyers Network. Our work in service of reproductive justice has never been more pressing than it is now, as the fight for the future of the U.S. Supreme Court continues and as people’s reproductive rights are being denied, dismantled, and defied in egregious ways during the global health crisis. Figuring out how to build a legal community during a global pandemic has been a personal journey of adaptability, patience, and resilience.

But there’s so much we can do today — even virtually — to lawyer for reproductive justice. The RJ Lawyers Network provides training and continuing education, along with networking events, mentorship opportunities, and pro bono work supporting on-the-ground organizations making reproductive justice a reality for all. 

Members of the RJ Lawyers Network gain access to an online hub with hundreds of other lawyers and legal professionals passionate about reproductive justice. Some will be new to lawyering for reproductive justice; others may have years of experience in the movement. Everyone will have a place to plug in and take advantage of ways to train and mobilize for impactful change — whether through policy advocacy, criminal defense, litigation, or other means, no matter your formal training or legal skill set. Be sure to let us know you’d like to be connected to this online community portal when you sign up for the RJ Lawyers Network!

Here’s how you plug in:

  • Have a look at the RJ Lawyers Network FAQ to find out more about who the network is for, our organizing philosophy, and what the network has to offer.
  • Join the network here, especially if it’s been a couple years since you originally joined the If/When/How community — our contact information for you may be out of date!
  • For deeper engagement, be sure to tick the “Join the RJ Lawyers Network online community” box on our sign-up form. Our online community is where you’ll find training videos, discussion forums, a calendar of events, and much more!
  • Share the FAQ and sign-up link with your professional networks and colleagues who share your passion for creating a world where all of us can decide if, when, and how to create, sustain, and define our families.

I believe every lawyer can work to make reproductive justice a reality. Join us today.

Donate today to join If/When/How in transforming the legal systems and institutions that perpetuate oppression into structures that realize justice.